It stands for bondage, dominance and submission/sadomasochism, all of which are forms of BDSM. Most of the time, this entails one partner acting as the dominant partner, while the other serves as the submissive. Role-playing specific scenes or engaging in pain play are examples of these practises. In spite of the stigma attached to it, research shows that it is a very common fantasy and practise for many singles and couples, regardless of their sexual orientation London Mistress

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The use of pain and humiliation, or role-playing scenarios characterised by dominance and submission, may be a part of BDSM practises, but safety precautions must also be taken. Pre-sex negotiations, disclosure, consent, and safewords may all be included in BDSM in addition to general safe sex practises. When someone reaches a breaking point, they can use a safeword to signal that they need to stop.

BDSM participants’ personality traits, attachment styles in romantic relationships, and overall health were studied in one study. Contrary to popular belief, Tantric massage London the study found that people who practised BDSM were actually better adjusted than their non-BDSM practising counterparts.